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 Membership Guidelines and Bylaws

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PostSubject: Membership Guidelines and Bylaws   Membership Guidelines and Bylaws Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 9:35 pm

Honor, courage and stubbornness are the RUN BKK’s tradition and legacy in the battlefields of Aion. We have worked hard to make the RUN BKK name something to be proud of. Many members in the past have built this legacy for us, and it is our duty to continue to build upon it.

Thus, bearing the RUN BKK standard means that you accept all the Traditions, Code of Honor and the rules we follow.


As a member of this guild, we ask that you do the following. If you do not think you can hold to these guidelines, please do not accept the terms and go your way in peace. If, after joining you feel that other members are not following these guidelines, please contact the guild leader or officers.


We are all here to have fun. Any behaviors that will be disrupting the normal game-play, won't be tolerated:
1.) I’m fighting with my weapons and not with words
• I won't abuse, offend or insult any other players.
• I won't use foolish or offensive language in the public chats
No harassment of any kind will be tolerated. If you feel offended somehow by the other guildie please report to leader or any officer.
Any form of harassment will result in a warning first and then will result in banning.

2.) I do respect my opponents !
• I won’t use hacks or anything that might abuse the game mechanics (glitches, terrain exploits etc.)
Anyone caught hacking will be banned immediately from the guild,with no chance to rejoin again.No exceptions.
•I will not knowingly party with, contribute efforts to, or benefit from others who do not play by this code, be they legionmates or not.

3.) I will respect my brothers and sisters in arms and my allies.
• I will respect those with whom I play this game, regardless of the skill or equipment of those players.
• I will do my best to resolve fights, disagreements, or offenses that involve either myself or other guild mates in mature and respectful manner.

4.) All decisions on banning from guild will be taken by the guild council (leader and officers). If you were banned unjustly for breaking those rules, the officer who banned you will face degradation and if such behavior continues,they will be kicked from the guild.

5.) Though it's just a game, people will judge you by your behavior, so :
A) Do not borrow money or items if you are not able to pay them back.
B) Don't harass other members for money or items or power leveling. When you have been told "NO", don't push them to change their mind. DO NOT BEG
C)DO NOT NINJA ! Ninjaing other players is against the rules. It not only destroys our guilds reputation, but is extremely annoying.
D)Keep arguments away from Guild Chat. Use your PM"s. If you think you can't solve the problem with the other member yourself, contact the officers.

Here is our common law, that we respect. No one forces you to follow the rules from a code, but try them and u will see you will be a better player!

I’m aware, that breaking these rules will result in consequences:
• 1st time offense- WARNING from a guild leader or an officer.
• 2nd time offense- EXPULSION from the guild.This is a game designed for an adult player.A certain level of maturity is required.If you continue a behavior that you have been asked to stop doing,then you are displaying that you are unable to play within the guidelines of this guild.
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Membership Guidelines and Bylaws
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